Dr. Michelle Hall leading a discussion at the 2015 Teen Science Café Network workshop in St. Louis, MO.

The Institute of STEM Education is a small  research and development organization invested in promoting science and technology literacy for learners of all ages. Founded in 2008, the institute works to publish, market, and distribute proven STEM research, products, and programs across the U.S. and worldwide to advance STEM education broadly. The Institute has technology transfer agreements with Science Education Solutions, Inc. to disseminate the Teen Science Café model of engagement, sell and distribute NEXUS games on climate, energy, and water, and expand the Café Scientifique New Mexico program. The Institute is funded by federal and state grants, as well as private and corporate foundations to advance our mission.

The organization has been successful in attracting a talented and motivated staff for a variety of projects. From curriculum development and creating games for learning to customizing informal science programs for the needs and interests of teens, we seek to make learning engaging and rewarding.


Together with Science Education Solutions, the Institute is advancing STEM education for all.






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