Teen Science Café Network


Making a difference

The Teen Science Café Network is a community of practice in which all members contribute and learn from one another. We are creating and nurturing a community of teens and adults creating a space where teens can learn from leading experts about science and technology changing their world. Teen Cafés are informal, interactive programs that promote exploration, creativity, and life long learning. We support and freely share our expertise with others who would like to start a Teen Café. See www.teensciencecafe.org – NSF, Grant No. 1223830


Teen explore the nexus of climate, energy and water through a resource management game.

What sets the Teen Science Café Network apart?

…seeing synergy in motion when a group of caring people, geographically-distant but ​who are connected by their shared passion for STEM and education, put their minds and experiences together to bring STEM to life for teens.
         —the TSCN Membership and use of the café model are free. We are funded by a National Science Foundation grant to expand the network of individuals and organizations coordinating TSCs.

New Network members may apply for a small grant of up to $3,000 to help with costs for things such as food and materials for hands-on activities at the cafés. 

-Sara Fyke, TSCN Network Coordinator