Completed Projects

Completed Projects

CACOSI – project activities ended in 2007

(Creating A Culture Of Scientific Inquiry) is providing an educational experience for minority, primarily Native American, middle and high school students in which they explore the environment surrounding them from historical, cultural, and scientific perspectives. Students are conducting long-term investigations and monitoring the Earth system in and around the tribal lands and the neighboring Northern New Mexico environs. The student and teachers are learning about Earth processes through experimentation in the classroom throughout the school year and during a weeklong summer science camp with professional Earth and environmental scientists.


DLESE Project Office – project activities ended in 2007

The DLESE Project Office is responsible for leading community discussions surrounding the growth of the DLESE digital collection, for coordinating the development of the array of services that will support the creation of exemplary resources and their use in enhancing geoscience education, and for leading the community-building activities of the core service groups.


SpiNet – project activities ended in 2008

Our seismology outreach program serves teachers across the country and around the world using seismic instruments or real-time seismic data in K-16 classrooms. We provide a website with answers to frequently asked questions, as well as telephone and electronic mail support. Additionally, our site includes tools to share seismic data in real-time, classroom activities, data on historical events, and technical support documents for seismic instruments. Our hope is to bridge the gap between science classrooms to create an international educational seismic network.